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Dark Arts Audio is all about crafting unforgettable aural gaming experiences. Our services extend to Music, Sound Design, Voice-over Acting and top-to-bottom audio implementation.

Born at the Berklee College of Music and raised on the road in touring rock bands, our style combines the excitement of live music and sound with the precision of studio engineering. Previous work has been licensed by XBOX (Forza 6), Samsung, Microsoft, ABC, NBC, ESPN, and Delta Airlines to name a few. We've also earned a Billboard Music Award and an MTV VMA.

DAA specializes in creating audio for the games we like to play - action-packed titles that demand larger than life sound. Utilizing our background in creating infectious hooks for commercial radio, we emphasize the importance of crafting memorable music and sound to establish a game's identity.

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Whether you're storyboarding or have a finished product, we can contribute one or all of our services at any stage. That said, the earlier we can get involved, the better. Sound is such an integral part of the game that we believe it's never too early to start talking audio.

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